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Laurece West
Business, Voice & Peak Performance Expert

CEO & Founder of Easily Creative, LLC
for Business Growth & Communication Excellence

Laurece West has been with her mentor multi-millionaire business coach Fabienne Fredrickson and her team for twelve years. Laurece's business consulting is informed by being in a community of international entrepreneurs for more than a decade, listening to their challenges, the coaching suggestions and witnessing their results. Applying the wisdom not only increased Laurece's success but gave her tools and insights to find her own methods for consulting clients, which she started in 2016.

Laurece's grandfather and father were sports coaches. She is from a family of athletes, teachers, artists and musicians. Laurece has been a trick water skier, competitive swimmer, runner, and yoga lover. Laurece’s sister was an Olympic judge.


Similar to Olympic training, Laurece's clients see the best results with consulting frequency - between two to four sessions weekly, three weeks a month, with the last week off for review, integration, rest or vacation. She also uses neuro-science techniques for brain optimization, solid business systems and structure analysis, peak performance evaluation and recommendations, neuro-science techniques for brain optimization, mindset for abundance, as well as financial and time clarity. With communication clients Laurece utilizes her experience in coaching voice, improv acting and performance skills. Everyone receives gentle accountability and support. Because Laurece knows how to facilitate multiple breakthroughs, clients achieve more than they previously thought possible.

Laurece West helps business and creative professionals (business owners, executives and managers) in business expansion, and  speaking and communications skills to significantly increase their impact, income and satisfaction. Laurece helps people feel comfortable and powerful as they share their unique genius, and deeply connect with people, expanding their business, clients, customers and audience. 

Laurece is a polymath, with expertise in diverse fields. She holds a practical nursing degree and a BA cum laude from Mount Holyoke College in Biology, She did medical research in NYC for 12 years and has four published papers in peer reviewed journals. Laurece trained as a singer for 12 years, and 10 years in business, attending Boldheart Business School. Having multiple streams of income is healthy for every business. Additionally Laurece's mother had multiple careers, so Laurece has always been studying new areas of interest. In each area of expertise, after years of study a person appeared wishing to be her client. It signaled it was time. Laurece has been an entrepreneur for 38 years, a healing artist 29 years, a singing teacher 30 years, speaking coach 12 years and a business consultant 5.5 years. Laurece co-created The Art and Science of Presenting. She has taught public and private school students through the Durham Arts Council, the Duke Institute for Brain Science, the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media and the SKEMA School of Business. 

Laurece is a certified InterPlay improv trainer and performs with a comedy improv company. She is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist performing with several groups. She is the author of Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice. The Professional Singer’s Roadmap: How to Go from Good to Great to Legend and is currently writing a book on business communication. 


Laurece delivers keynotes, consults with executives and teams, and delivers training at corporations. Business English for International Professionals, Business Speaking, Storytelling and Strategic Communication is a hit for three month training for lasting upleveling. Speaking Power and the Art and Science of Presenting are workshops she delivers to teams, especially at special events and conferences.

To each client she brings passion for business, visionary perspective, and the highly creative mind of a scientist, healer, performer and artist. She helps people thrive in business - as a spiritual act to create a better world. 

Laurece Business and Voice Consultant-Co
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