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Leading Your Business™

Clarity and action to bring your gifts to the world, earn a good living and create a life you love.

Leading Your Business™ is a business development class designed to energize mindset, clarity and strategy. You will have multiple breakthroughs to create income and ease with your business, self-care and lifestyle.

Classes are designed to leave you in a higher energy state so you may more easily manifest business and personal goals. To warm up in class, we use the forms and concepts of InterPlay to release stress, improve communication, and generate ideas. Then, through a clear step by step program, and individual coaching time, you will develop business skills, strategy and an unstoppable mindset in the following areas: (You may choose where you'd like to focus each week.)

*The qualities of an entrepreneurial mind.

*The mindset of success.

*Clearing the way for abundance.

*Identifying and nurturing your areas of genius.

*The business model that best serves both you and your clients.

*How your passions and talents benefit your ideal clients.

*Products, packages and programs that connect and deliver results.

*Ninja marketing made easy.

*Client centered content.

*Letting people get to know you.

*Multimedia reach.

*Attracting more clients!

*Selling made simple and fun.

*Achieving your R.O.I. and much more.

*Multiple income streams for easy flow.

*The business of money - clarity, management and responsibility.

*Boundaries that enhance energy.

*Time management.

*Policies and agreements

*Developing your business' Operating Manual.

*Going with the flow of income and energy.

*The keys to thriving - self-care, support and free time.

*Available resources.


*Managing employees.

*Becoming the visionary in your business.

*Associates, joint ventures and partnerships.

*Leveraging a booming business.

*Creating a life you love!

*Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual path.

*Giving back - service, mentoring & tithing.

*Building a new world - a legacy that matters.

A 12 - 24 month program. Our first focus is guiding and supporting you earn back more than your investment. (See the testimonials for results other clients achieved.) Check with your accountant as the class may be tax deductible as professional development.


Mondays 2 - 3 pm. We meet on Zoom video conferencing from your location. The class is 10 min of focusing/prep time and 50 minutes of training time. 

We meet three weeks a month, with the fourth week off to review course videos, implement actions, rest and integrate.

"I was in Laurece's Leading Your Business class for a year. I had a long time business that was inconsistent - it would get very busy but then I'd have slow periods which always made me nervous as a self employed single woman. Laurece focuses on mindset work and self-care as a path to business success.

This class was about how to energetically shift things and it helped me to get clear on goals and my business filled to capacity in the next couple of months. Things flowed once I set my mind on allowing abundance instead of limiting it.


Every time I came to class I felt inspired and I was always grateful for this opportunity. I directly experienced the potency of what we were learning."


Shoshanna Hamburg

Owner of Stone & Spa Ayurvedic Healing Arts and BodyworkTrainings, Chapel Hill, NC 

Reach Your Ideal Clients™

​Gain the skills and strategy to speak effectively to build strong connections with clients both in large numbers and one to one. You will explore where to reach your ideal clients in large numbers, develop your signature talk, learn how to gently sell from the stage, and gain clients from each talk. 

You will feel confident, supported and energized.

If you follow coaching advice, your will earn your more.


Check with your accountant as the class should be tax deductible as a business expense or professional development.

Three live meetings a month, plus additional videos,

handouts and resources. 6 months: Thursdays 12:00 - 1:00 pm.

We'll meet on Zoom video conferencing from your location - which will deliver both audio and video recordings of each class. Recordings will be available if you miss a class.​