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The Academy for Business Ascension™

Business Acceleration™

Systems, Strategy, Mindset

The Business Acceleration™ track is for heart-centered women and men who are interested in creating more ease, wealth, and quality time by owning a successful business.

For business owners and entrepreneurs already with clients and customers, the financial goal in the Business Acceleration™ phase is earning 8.5K per month consistently.

This is a 3 month to three year journey depending on mindset, energy and what needs to be built or adjusted in the business. 

In the Business Acceleration™ track gaining clarity, developing strategies and abundant thinking, connecting with your own heart-wisdom and taking aligned actions, with support, brings new levels of success. This allows your beautiful vision to serve many more people.

Each client's inner wisdom is honored and uplifted. During consulting, clients set the session intention and focus from the following topics or another area of their choice:

*The qualities of an entrepreneur.
*The mindset of success.
*Clearing the way for abundance.
*When to focus on increasing your energy.
*When to take action for maximum results.
*The business model that best serves you and your clients.
*How your passions and talents benefit your ideal clients.
*Products, packages and programs that connect & deliver. *
Identifying and nurturing your areas of genius.
*Hiring and efficient, joyful employee management.
*Creating massive growth.
*Attracting more clients!
*Ninja marketing made easy.
*Becoming visible. Multimedia reach.
*Authentic and enjoyable selling and closing for all involved.
*Policies, contracts and agreements.
*Achieving your R.O.I. and much more.
*Tithing to give back, feel great and supercharge your business.
*The business of money - clarity & responsibility.
*Boundaries that enhance energy.
*Trigger processing - returning to love and wisdom.
*Conscious strategic communication, and negotiating.
*The keys to thriving - self-care, focus, support and R&R.
*Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual path.

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